Rains leave 3 dead in Oaxaca; there are five affected municipalities


Authorities reported that the rains caused slopes to slide, floods and rivers overflowing.

The rains that fell in Oaxaca during the last hours caused the death of three people; while five municipalities have requested an emergency declaration due to the effects generated, reported the State Coordination for Civil Protection of the State (CEPCO).

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The head of the agency, Antonio Amaro Cancino, indicated that the municipalities most affected are Santiago Choapam, Santiago Jocotepec, San Juan Lalana, and San Juan Comaltepec; in the region of the Papaloapan Basin, where the agency’s brigade members and the state police work in coordination with municipal authorities, the National Guard and the Army to offer assistance to the affected civilian population.

He said that there is a request to declare these localities in emergency, since the damage was reported due to runoff and overflowing rivers, in addition to landslides.


Amaro Cancino indicated that the rains also caused the death of a man in the town of San Juan Comaltepec, who was buried inside his home when a hill was reported to be torn apart.

He added that another man who was dragged by the current of a stream in the municipality of San Agustín Chayuco, whose body was located after an intense search carried out by local authorities.


He explained that the overflowing of the Chiquito and Manso rivers affected the communities of San Juan Lalana, San José Río Manso, San José Yogope, Cerro Progreso, Asunción Alcoba, Arroyo Lumbre, Arroyo Plátano, Arroyo Blanco, San Juan Evangelista, San Miguel La Paz, Tres Arroyos, Arroyo Tómate and Arroyo Piedra.

In Santiago Choapan, he indicated, damage was reported in the community of San Juan del Río, while in Santiago Jocotepec, the damage occurred in the communities of Río Chiquito, Jocotepec, and Montenegro.

In the area, the community of Valle Nacional, Santa María Jacatepec, and Chiltepec have been alerted, since the Valle Nacional river presents a considerable increase in its level, generated by rainfall.

He highlighted that, according to the report issued by the National Water Commission (Conagua), the affected area rained approximately 138 millimeters – accumulated in 24 hours – which generated heavy runoff into the Manso rivers and their tributaries.

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So far, the Oaxaca rainy season this year has left nine people dead, one injury and an emergency has been declared in 25 municipalities.

Source: milenio.com, diariomarca.com.mx

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