Covid-19 cases increase in Baja California Sur


Baja California Sur registers an increase of 13 percent derived from the growing mobility, after the opening of beaches and the reactivation of other tourist and leisure activities.

Authorities of the State Health Safety Committee confirmed the above, although they highlighted that the entity maintains a fatality rate of 5.2 per hundred thousand inhabitants, the lowest at the national level, whose average is 10.6 per hundred thousand inhabitants.

“We have had an increase in cases due to mobility, of 13 percent; however, the number of patients has remained stable. We knew we were going to have an increase and that is why we must go with caution,” said the secretary of health, Víctor George Flores.

During a videoconference, the official reported that derived from this increase in cases, for the week of September 21 to 25, BCS is expected to continue on an orange alert, according to the local Covid traffic light.

According to this level of alert in the five municipalities of the state, it is allowed, although with restrictions on capacity, worship activities, gyms, tourism and recreation, the opening of beaches, and cinemas.

The health official indicated that despite this increase, a setback in the traffic light or any greater restriction is not expected; but he insisted that citizens “should be more cautious when returning to the new normal.”

“We as authorities have to be very cautious in what we are going to authorize, but also the citizens,” he said.

He added that if the increase in mobility continues, this would lead to an increase of up to 20 percent in the coming weeks, and although he noted that there are beds and ventilators available, the medical staff remains the same and is exhausted.

“In addition to this, we do not know if there may be reinfections, how long the immunity lasts, we still do not have the vaccine. Much is still unknown about this disease and how each organism will react,” said the official.

According to local statistics, BCS registers a total of 9,254 accumulated positive cases for Covid, of which 8,080 have recovered, 480 have been deaths, and 734 remain active.

During the videoconference, authorities of the Mexican Institute of Social Security ( IMSS ) and the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers ( ISSSTE ), acknowledged that during these weeks there has been a lack of some medicines, as well as complaints from personnel and of beneficiaries who demand inputs, a situation that – they assured – is being corrected.

Users of social networks also reacted to the increase in mobility and cases in the entity and demanded from the authorities better coordination for the surveillance of public spaces, such as the La Paz boardwalk, which has been seen with crowds, including people without wearing a mask.

Reabren malecón de La Paz tras cierre por coronavirus

The City Council of La Paz issued a notice for this weekend informing about the adjustment of the schedule for the use of the boardwalk, exclusively for sports activities, from 06:00 to 10:00 and in the afternoon from 17:00 to 20:00 hours.


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