The first woman to command a coastal patrol frigate sets out from Mazatlan


Lieutenant Cházaro Berriel, in her current capacity as occidental Commander of the aforementioned ship, has the function of exercising command and control of the same, as well as efficiently executing the operations assigned to her.

For the first time in the history of the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico, it is reported that yesterday a Coastal Patrol set sail under the command of a woman, which makes this Institution proud as part of the culture of substantive equality between men and women promoted, in order to promote the gender perspective, constantly prevent violence and promote unrestricted respect for Human Rights.

This is the Lieutenant of the Frigate of the General Corps Gloria Carolina Cházaro Berriel, who is the Second Commander of the Coastal Patrol ARM “BONAMPAK” (PC-339) of the Mexican Navy, whose slogan is “Efficiency and speed in the territorial sea ”, Which set sail yesterday from the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, with the mission of contributing to the maintenance of the rule of law in the Protected Areas of the Islas Marías Archipelago.

Likewise, its design and characteristics substantially contribute a tactical-operational value to the work carried out by naval personnel to safeguard the sovereignty and protect the security of the seas and coasts. It should be noted that Lieutenant Gloria Carolina Cházaro Berriel is a graduate of the Heroic Naval Military School, where she graduated with honors being the first place of her generation, she has served as a Navigation Officer, Head of the Armament Department in an Oceanic Patrol and Commander of an Interceptor Patrol of the Mexican Navy.

In 2018 he obtained a scholarship to study for a year the Master in Security and Applied Strategy, at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Upon her return to Mexico, she joined the Fourth Naval Zone based in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, where he belongs to the Eighth Flotilla, being designated as Second Commander of the ARM Coastal Patrol “BONAMPAK” (PC-339), with which he proudly it opens a gap to the new generations and promotes the leadership and empowerment of naval women.

The Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico extends recognition to Lieutenant Cházaro Berriel for this achievement achieved by making history in this Institution and celebrates the work of naval women, who with courage and determination live every day in the service of the Homeland and They are a fundamental part of the Great Naval Family.


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