Which is the state in Mexico with the most taco and torta businesses


They are the preferred foods of Mexicans; and despite the fact that the pandemic has complicated their sales, these businesses are usually the first option for people to be self-employed and earn income, so the trend in their growth may rise

Guadalajara, Jalisco (Estephany de la Cruz). The tacos and tortas  are a favorite food of many Mexicans. For this reason, there are states that compete for the first place in terms of restaurants and establishments with this gastronomy, which has a tradition in the country.

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According to data from the 2019 Economic Census, Jalisco registered 12,425 taco and torta restaurants, a figure that makes it the second state with the largest places to sell these foods in the country, only after the State of Mexico that came in first place. by registering 13,113 businesses. After Jalisco is, in third place, Mexico City with 10,335

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“(It is) a Mexican cultural issue, it has always been characterized by commerce (…) so, on the one hand, it is a cultural issue, on the other hand, because we continue to defend ourselves because Guadalajara and Jalisco are it has become a gastronomic spearhead “, shared Aldo de Anda, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac) in Jalisco.

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“In addition to that, the conditions of the citizens themselves can set up their business or micro business to be able to face economic commitments.”

He explained that these businesses are usually the first option for people to be self-employed and earn income, so the trend in their growth could rise.

There is a very complicated economic situation, in the end the Mexican needs to eat and the gastronomic issue is the first source of employment in the country, “he added.

This represents a growth of 14 percent in five years of these businesses since in the 2015 Economic Census, 10,894 were registered.

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During 2019, 35 thousand 502 people depended on the entity for these businesses, while in 2015, 27 thousand 561, depended on the sale of these foods.

Source: mibolsillo.com

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