Kidnapped American rescued from captors in Playa del Carmen


Three people were arrested during the operation in the Ejidal neighborhood

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Q. Roo.- A man of American origin was rescued by the Ministerial Police, after the report of illegal deprivation of liberty in the Ejidal neighborhood in Playa del Carmen, where it was unofficially reported that there were three people detained. 

The American was deprived of his liberty from an underground club called “After” in Playa del Carmen

The events occurred around one in the morning on Wednesday, inside a property located on Avenida Juárez with 60, where it was preliminarily known that it was a clandestine den

The report of a person deprived of his liberty was reported to 911 so the agents carried out the rescue, where three people were arrested, two men and one woman, who are related as those allegedly responsible for the deprivation of the foreigner, for which were transferred to the State Attorney General’s Office, where their legal situation will be determined. 

The place had already been closed on August 3, 2018, where, also in the middle of an operation carried out between the Municipal and Ministerial Police, a minor under 14 years of age was rescued.

On that occasion, 11 people were arrested when, upon reviewing the elements of the Ministry of Finance and Supervision of the past administration of the city council, they found a woman who was intoxicated within the same establishment. The Ministerial Police similarly closed the premises


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