It happened again! Citizens fight back thief who got into a passenger van to rob them in EdoMéx (Video)


WARNING: Video contains disturbing images not suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Crime on the roads of Edomex does not stop and users have had to do justice to themselves

The crime on the roads of the State of Mexico does not stop and users of the public transport daily sufferers have been driven to lose their fear and take justice into their own hands.

This time it happened on the Mexico-Pachuca highway, where a man who got on to assault the passengers of a van was confronted and detained, while trying to flee.

The users held the criminal and beat him violently until he was bled. The shocking images of the beating quickly went viral on social media.

In the clip of just 30 seconds, the subject is heard pleading with the passengers to forgive him and stop hitting him. However, he does not get the indignant passengers to let him go. “Now, now, now, now, sorry,” he yells.

In the recording that you can find in this link , it is heard that users question the criminal about the whereabouts of his accomplices, who managed to escape.

“Where do your friends live, dude? You know where they live, you don’t know who you messed with ”, they tell him as they beat him in a group.

After a few weeks ago the video in which passengers in a van on the Mexico-Texcoco highway detained and beat another criminal went viral, tweeters from the State of Mexico denounced the danger of traveling every day from their homes to their homes. workplaces due to the lack of surveillance on the state’s roads.


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