Infections decrease in San Miguel de Allende thanks to strict measures (video)


Thanks to the strict application of the measures of healthy distance and social isolation, San Miguel de Allende is today the municipality least affected by the spread of Covid-19 .

Consolidated as one of the most important tourist niches in the state, San Miguel de Allende reported 101 active cases this Thursday, which is equivalent to one in every 1,812 inhabitants: the lowest rate among the most populated municipalities in Guanajuato.

The city of León, in contrast, is the one that registers the highest percentage with one active case for every 597 inhabitants, because sanitary measures have not been as strict as in other municipalities.

At the state level, the average is one active case for every 814 residents.

Colocarán filtros sanitarios en accesos de San Miguel Allende ...

Authority takes its role seriously

Since the health crisis began, the government of San Miguel de Allende took social distancing measures seriously, until there were practically no visitors.

In April, it was the first town that ordered the closure of a Banco Azteca branch , which was operating without respecting hygiene and safe distance protocols.

hen came the closure of three hotels in the first square of the city, which continued to host tourists despite the fact that their operation was not allowed.

The greatest show of respect for the decreed measures came on June 19, when municipal police detained two tourists from Querétaro , who were walking at the intersection of Insurgente and Relox streets, and refused to wear face masks.

Last week, when the state government announced that the state traffic light would go from red to orange as of Wednesday, August 5, Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal clarified that San Miguel would not completely resume all activities that the economic reactivation allows.

All these measures, especially the conviction to ensure that they are respected, is what San Miguel de Allende has today with the lowest rate of active cases among its population.


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