Adventure Tourism in San Miguel de Allende prepares to receive visitors post Covid-19


San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. The charming destination of San Miguel de Allende is declared ready to receive lovers of Adventure Tourism, Nature, and Well-being, once the health pandemic by COVID-19 ends. .

The Secretary of Tourism of the state of Guanajuato, through the Coordination of Attention to Specialized Segments, held the webinar

Turismo de Aventura en San Miguel de Allende se prepara para recibir a visitantes post COVID-19

“In Guanajuato, adventure awaits you at the hands of Rodrigo Landeros” via Facebook at sectur.guanajuato; as part of the promotional actions that aim to continue positioning destinations in this segment.

During the presentation Rodrigo Landeros, founder of “Coyote Canyon Adventures“, pointed out that in this Guanajuato destination activities such as horseback riding, abseiling, ballooning, archaeological tours to the pyramids of the Cañada de la Virgen and other areas of the status, hiking, back alleys, climbing, zip line, ATVs, bird watching, canyoning, camping trips, bicycle, among others.

Volar en globo en San Miguel de Allende

Since 2000 to date, this company has served more than 14,000 visitors, who have been surprised by the natural wealth of San Miguel de Allende.
Rodrigo Landeros mentioned that in addition to serving families and groups, Coyote Canyon Adventures – a company that is part of the State Association of Nature and Adventure Tourism (ATNAG) – offers original and exclusive events such as rodeos and jaripeos, evenings in natural hot springs or fireworks and shows.

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All the activities in San Miguel de Allende are accompanied by specialized and certified guides, who after the health pandemic COVID-19 will implement a health protocol before, during, and after each activity.

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