After 80 days, Mazatlan candy stores and businesses begin to reopen


After 80 days without working, some candy stores in the City Center opened their doors to the public.

They indicated that they could no longer remain closed, so they decided to open their doors.

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“After spending more than two months without working, we had to open, like many businesses that are doing it; we cannot subsist if we are closed and we had to pay the payroll of the employees ”, explained Francisco Osuna, manager of Dulcería Girasol.

They explained that due to being closed for a long time they had losses in products.

“We had losses in products, if we did not open this month many sweets would be spoiled and that would be another concern to add”, “Of course we had losses in merchandise, many products expired and others that were perishable were spoiled “They added.

Like the candy stores, different shops such as clothing stores and shoe stores began to work normally.


The Mazatlan Post