Cozumel welcomes Disney Fantasy this Thursday


The island of Cozumel will serve as a reception port for 68 Mexicans stranded on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship, in which they work, to return to the country after several days in quarantine.

The total of the 68 Mexicans that arrived at the port, are free of Coronavirus, they will board when disembarking a tender that will take them to Playa del Carmen and from there to the airport. 15 of the crew members who arrived in Mexico are from Quintana Roo.

Destinos e Itinerarios de los Cruceros | Disney Cruise Line

The ship will dock at the Punta Langosta port terminal, located just 400 meters from the city center next Thursday morning. The Disney Fantasy was in Cozumel for the last time on March 2, 2020, and docked at the same dock where it will be moored on May 14. It has a capacity for 4,200 passengers and 1,500 crew.

The Mayor of Cozumel Pedro Joaquín, said that it is important to report on what will happen this Thursday, so as not to create rumors or confusion, all due precautions will be taken.

In the protocol to be followed, it is even contemplated to do the test to the 68 people who will descend and if anyone is not healthy, no one will descend.

Landing and transfer itinerary

  • Arrival on Thursday, May 14 at Punta Langosta dock
  • Everyone is healthy free of Covid-19
  • The landing of 68 Mexicans (15 Quintana Roo)
  • They are all crew
  • Arrival 6 am and finish sailing 12 pm
  • They will rise to the tender Winjet Barco Mexico III


  • The Capitán Valle port pilot will board at 6 am accompanied by 2 international health doctors. With all the prevention team.
  • International health will monitor every moment the medical log of each passenger before arriving at the pier.
  • This will be shared with the Municipal Health to communicate the proper functioning and operation.
  • Migration comes up with 3 people with the entire health team and will apply its normal verification protocols by the SRE.
  • There will be 8 people as support to sanitize.

In the event that 1 passenger shows symptoms during the temperature check, no passenger drops, this by an agreement between the Secretaries of Health and Migration.

Passengers will board at 12 pm by Tender Mexico III, which will take them to the Playa del Carmen pier and will take them to the Cancun airport to take their respective flights taking them to their home.


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