Puerto Peñasco “Rocky Point” delivers hot meal to the neediest families


Puerto Peñasco.- More than 1,700 hot breakfasts have been prepared at the Nueva Esperanza Community Center and delivered to the families that most need food support from the municipal government, reported Mayor Kiko Munro.

Apoya Peñasco con desayunos calientes a familias vulnerables

The president of Puerto Peñasco explained that this strategy joins the food support delivery program that currently benefits 3 thousand people who are within the municipal register of the elderly, people with disabilities, street vendors and beach vendors, as well as the families that requested this support through the Municipal DIF System.

The objective, explained the mayor from Puerto Peñasco, is to bring to the doors of the homes the members of families with limited resources and who are in need of food, food prepared by personnel who work in the Community Center with hygiene measures, during the time it lasts. the pandemic and the Stay at Home Mandatory program.


The support day, said the president of Puerto Peñasco, started from last April 12, from Monday to Friday, where 100 daily hot breakfasts are delivered to the same number of people with food needs, helping children, youth, and adults who they do not have a livelihood or job.

Kiko Munro thanked the people and companies that have joined the donation of food so that this program can provide daily food security to families in greatest need, as well as congratulated the organizations, groups, groups, and altruistic people, who have joined this dynamic of food support.    

Chefs from Puerto Peñasco join forces,15 thousand dishes, and food baskets to families most vulnerable to a pandemic

Chefs, volunteers, and groups from Puerto Peñasco came together to bring more than 15 thousand dishes and food baskets to families vulnerable to the pandemic.

One of the first groups that emerged was Gastro 638, made up of the most renowned chefs in Puerto Peñasco, who, faced with the low number of diners in restaurants due to the fall in tourism in early March, stopped cooking exclusive food to prepare food. hot and take them to families who were unemployed.

Among the same members, they donated raw materials with their own resources to start with breakfasts and meals. After making their work known on social networks, dozens of volunteers came to support with products and to continue this initiative, which to date benefits nearly 10,000 families.

“It all started because some colleagues closed their restaurants and offered products they had for cooking, some had cream, others pasta, and so we began to prepare food delivering 110 dishes, some chefs and their wives distributed, then many people joined and now we reached nearby 9 thousand deliveries ”, explained Neftalí Ponce, founding chef of the collective.

The group has prepared from “tortas del chavo”, fish ceviche that producers have given away, meat stews, and tacos with cattle that businessmen have donated to mention part of the daily menu.

Other groups such as AIM Comprehensive Assistance for Minors chaired by Carolina Pacheco, began with pantry deliveries and making chubby and other hot dishes to add more than 3,400 pantries that benefited more than 13,000 people, as well as 260 hot foods. The group that continues to provide non-perishable food support has been supported by associations such as Steps of Love and volunteers.

The Spanish based in Puerto Peñasco, Francisco Javier Rodríguez, went from expressing opinions and concerns about the health crisis on networks to becoming an active agent. It promotes hundreds of food and pantries, as well as activities in which businessmen and organizations were involved to benefit children and youth as well as hundreds of families.

For his part, the real estate agent, Martín Martínez, took advantage of his facilities to coordinate a dining room where hundreds of dishes are served daily to people with limited resources or in street conditions. This movement is joined daily by people from the community who cook at home.

During this quarantine season, there have been more people and groups that bring what is most necessary to the community, especially those who have become unemployed, providing everything from basic food supplies to daily food.

Companies, fishermen, producers, and citizens have also joined with support with cash, kind and delivering food at home.

Some groups such as Peñasco Strong, Soy tu Reflejo, Rotary Club Mar de Cortés, Club La Esperanza, Club de Leones, Families Helping Families, local entrepreneurs and dozens of franchisees have helped the most vulnerable sectors, including the doctor, such as the case of General Hospital staff who have donated supplies and protective equipment from the Rotary Club and the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals.

Source: uniradionoticias.com, proyectopuente.com.mx

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