Sinaloa Coronavirus: Latest news today May 7


How many cases of coronavirus are there in Sinaloa

Here you can see the number of coronavirus cases in the state and municipalities of Sinaloa.

Efrén Encinas Torres, Secretary of Health of Sinaloa

Sinaloa .- Every day, the Secretary of Health of the State of Sinaloa, Efren Encinas Torres reports on the number of cases of coronavirus that exist in the municipalities of Sinaloa.

According to the figures provided during the late night of this May 6, in Sinaloa, there are 612 cases of active coronavirus and 187 people dead from this disease.

Before continuing, it is important to clarify that the total number of coronavirus cases that appear on the Sinaloa map includes people who have died and those who have been cured of the disease.

In other words, in Sinaloa there are a total of 1,261 confirmed cases of coronaviruses distributed in 17 municipalities, the figure includes 187 who died, 462 who were cured, and 612 who remain active.

Active coronavirus cases by municipalities of Sinaloa

  • Culiacan 341
  • Ahome 87
  • Salvador Alvarado (Guamuchil) 11
  • Mazaltan 83
  • El Fuerte 4
  • Navolato 15
  • Mocorito 9
  • Escuinapa 5
  • Sinaloa de Leyva 8
  • Cosalá 4
  • Guasave 27
  • Rosario 1
  • Badiraguato 5
  • Elota 3
  • Choix 1
  • Angostura 5
  • San Ignacio3

How many deaths from coronavirus are there in Sinaloa

As of yesterday, 187 people have died in the state of Sinaloa from suffering coronaviruses, as well as other diseases that complicated the symptoms of this virus.

How many cured of coronavirus are there in Sinaloa

462 people have been cured in the state of Sinaloa after suffering from coronavirus, including the first patient in the state and Silvana, the daughter of the governor of Sinaloa.

Coronavirus cases in Culiacán

During the afternoon of yesterday, Efrén Encinas Torres pointed out that in Culiacán there are 341 cases of active coronaviruses.

Coronavirus cases in Ahome

The third municipality with the largest population in Sinaloa, Ahome, has 87 cases of active coronaviruses.

Coronavirus cases in Salvador Alvarado (Guamuchil)

According to information from the Ministry of Health, the municipality of Salvador Alvarado has 11 active coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus cases in Mazaltán

Until yesterday, Mazatlán, the second-most populous municipality in Sinaloa, had 83 active cases of coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases in El Fuerte

The northern municipality of Sinaloa, El Fuerte, has 4 cases of coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases in Navolato

The neighboring municipality of Culiacán, Navolato has 15 active coronavirus cases, it should be noted that the death of City Council officials has been recorded here.

Coronavirus cases in Mocorito

The municipality of Mocorito has 9 active coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus cases in Escuinapa

The municipality located in the south of Sinaloa and bordering Nayarit, Escuinapa, has 5 active cases of coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases in Sinaloa de Leyva

The municipality of Sinaloa de Leyva has 8 active cases of coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases in Cosalá

The municipality of Cosalá had four active cases of coronavirus according to yesterday’s figures.

Coronavirus cases in Guasave 

Guasave is one of the five municipalities with the most cases, as it has 27 active coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus cases in Rosario 

The municipality of El Rosario has a case of coronavirus. 

Coronavirus cases in Badiraguato 

The Sierra de Badiraguato municipality has 5 active cases of coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases in Elota

The municipality of Elota has three active cases of coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases in Choix

The municipality of Choix is ​​the penultimate in joining the list with 1 active case of coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases in Angostura

The municipality of Angostura, in the Évora region, registers 5 cases of coronavirus

Coronavirus cases in San Ignacio

Three cases of coronavirus are registered in the municipality of San Ignacio.

Yesterday it was announced that the IMSS workers in Sinaloa will receive a 20% increase in their salary while they work in the coronavirus pandemic, which is a concrete and real precondition for health workers who risk their lives in the face of the local and global situation.

Yesterday, they did not increase health measures, they only confirmed the closings of the public and private cemeteries, as well as limitations on the service of pastry shops and restaurants in the State for Mother’s Day and Teacher’s Day.

On the other hand, regarding the Sinaloa State Government officials who are infected with Covid-19, it was pointed out that none are hospitalized, that is, they are recovering from home.

Likewise, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel delivered a COVID Hospital Center in the municipality of Ahome.

Finally, it is recalled that in the event of any labor injustice, it is reported to the corresponding authority under numbers 6674600785 and 6674826518.


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