Sinaloa State Government Denies Curfew due to COVID-19 Being Implemented


Alert on the proliferation of fake news that seeks to confuse people

Sinaloa.- Because various false news has been generated that have become viral on social networks, the Sinaloa State Government called on people to ignore information that is not confirmed by official sources.

Desmiente Gobierno del Estado supuesto toque de queda ...

For several days several news has been generated, one of them is about an alleged curfew that would be implemented as of this Monday, April 13, in which the transit of people at 9:00 pm was supposedly not allowed at 5:00 pm

Given this, the state government denied this information, which all it does is create confusion among the citizens.

Desmiente Gobierno del Estado supuesto toque de queda ...

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are fighting various battles. One of them is against the outbreak of the Fake News !, fake news that, taking advantage of the sensitivity in the environment, seeks to generate confusion on social networks. We beg that each information, confirm its veracity in the official sources. Don’t be fooled! ”, The Government posts.

The statement asks society to stay home, as a measure to take extreme precautions to prevent the spread of the virus among the people of Sinaloa.


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