Online Gambling In Mexico: How Does It Differ To The USA?


If you are living in the UK then the idea of betting has been easily accessible to you for years. But with some countries such as the United States and Mexico looking at online betting as a negative, the recent changes to Mexican laws, could be a promising sign. In this article, we will be looking into how online gambling in Mexico differs from the USA and other parts of the world.

Gambling In The US

With online gambling illegal in the US at this time, there are many wondering how long it will be until it is fully legalized. With no states currently legalizing this many have resorted to legalizing online poker instead, there are many saying that online gambling could be a blessing in disguise. This is because the revenue generated from online gambling can be used to generate revenue for state-funded projects. This is evident in states such as Nevada and New Jersey that have all benefited from legalizing online poker. In addition, there are several other states such as Colorado, that have also begun to capitalize on this change in regulation. But with there being no sign of legalizing online gambling in the US could it be years until we see positive change?

Gambling In Mexico

However, as changes in the US appear to be reluctant, across the border in Mexico, online gambling appears to be widely accepted. This is great for the potential of betting in New Mexico as this popularity continues. With Mexicans loving there boxing and football, this is a huge gap in the market for online betting with a vast amount of revenue being generated. With online book providers allowing those that wish to access over 70 sports, there are a vast number of ways that you can choose to place your wager.

However, during this early stage, all wagers will be based around e-sports events and online retail sports betting. This is because Mexico only really has two main sports to offer. As a result, this is something that they will begin to offer online first before heading into international sports as they continue to expand their services in the near future.

The Cancellation Of Major Sporting Events

This could not come at a better time for the industry as sporting events have completely stopped due to the effect of Covid-19. With the current license that they have obtained, the company looks to make a strong physical presence in Mexico as they begin to expand services that they have available to the general public. However, with the lack of live sporting events at this time, this will not come without its challenges. At this time, 1xBet are hoping to sign several sponsorship deals in Mexico to strengthen their presence. This is promising for the expansion of the industry in Mexico as more bookmakers begin to acquire licenses. This will, therefore, create friendly competition and enable more people to enjoy competitive rates with the best betting odds regardless of the game that they are betting on.  

Bet1 And The New Contracts

With a huge gap in the market at this time in Mexico, there is too much potential for this to be neglected. This, therefore, means that there are big plans in place to provide new and exciting online gambling for customers in this area. This comes after company Addison Global was stripped of its license due to outstanding debts. It is this opening in the market that has presented a promising future for this growing company. But will they be as successful as they are hoping to be?

The Potential For Expansion

With this potential opening in the market in Mexico, it is looking promising for the growth of the industry. However, with the potential of their negative past catching up with them as well as the number of sorts currently popular in Mexico it may take time for this market to expand. With the lack of Football and other sports found in places such as the UK and the USA, there is a risk that the market may be limited. However, despite these concerns, 1XBet is looking to take advantage of the number of e-sporting events currently taking place. This is a crucial business move by the firm in these troubling times as the lack of live sporting events may have stopped the momentum before the season had even begun. But with e-sports seeing a huge surge in popularity at this time, this is a partnership that could not have come at a better time. This is as major game producers such as Riot Games and EA begin to expand their e-sports markets into Latin America and Mexico with huge viewership numbers and success across the board.

This is a promising time for the industry in Mexico as well as Latin America as sports betting and online sport, in particular, begin to become more popular and widely accessible. But will it be as successful as we are hoping for in 2020? We sure hope so.


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