Sinaloa officials warn of severe sanctions to those that sell alcohol during the ban


The fines range from one million 737 thousand 800 pesos to four million 344 thousand pesos.

Sinaloa. After the Dry Law was enacted to avoid meetings and prevent contagion by the coronavirus in Sinaloa, it was decided that one of the sanctions for those who ignore the sale of alcoholic beverages will be the collection of a fine that ranges from 20 thousand UMAS up to 50 thousand, that is to say, 1 million 737 thousand 800 pesos or up to 4 million 344 thousand pesos.

The daily value of the Measurement and Update Unit (UMA) is at 86.88 pesos.

Lawyer Alfonso Meza, in charge of Municipal Inspection and Surveillance, indicated that the operation will be applied indefinitely, according to state guidelines. On the first day of this Dry Law, checks will be held in four points of the city, to verify that the shops abide by the rules.

There are four groups divided by the city, together with Civil Protection and the Police, state and municipal, as well as the area of ​​markets and inspection and surveillance. 

“On this first day of inspections, merchants are being invited to stop having crowded people: restaurants and tacos should only offer home delivery.” The director of Inspection and Surveillance in Culiacán said.

Barrancos, the northern, central and eastern sectors of the city, are where the inspections began so that alcohol is not sold in supermarkets, self-service stores and stores, and restaurants comply with the guidelines of the health sector to avoid enlarging the spread of the pandemic.

Clandestine sales

“Through its citizens, we will know where there are clandestine sales, we invite you to call 911,” said Alfonso Meza.


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