What Do Americans On Lockdown Miss Most In The U.S?


“Dear Mexican restaurants: I miss you.”

Turns out, Mexican restaurants are essential to American culture – and happiness. 

What are Americans missing most during quarantine?

You might think it’s baseball, NASCAR, WWE, Coachella…

Nope. According to Twitter, it’s Mexican restaurants. 

That’s right, Americans of all colors, but especially white Americans, even celebs, are desperate to see the inside of a Mexican restaurant. 

Granted, the majority seem to be fixated on endless chips, jumbo margs, and queso. Still, their yearning demonstrates how integral Mexican restaurants and Mexican culture are to American culture.

But it isn’t all chips and salsa. Mexican restaurants are a distillation of some of the best and most recognizable parts of our culture: the food, the music, nuestros trajes tipicosel ambiente alegre.

Even other Latinos are missing the Mexican restaurant experience.

Fortunately for them, and for us, our local Mexican restaurants are still open – and they’re delivering. Some of them are even delivering groceries…and margaritas.

Unfortunately, times are tough and many are struggling.

And yet, they continue to lead by example, supporting and feeding their local communities, providing and delivering meals to hungry kids, families, and workers on the frontlines.

So, gringos, order takeout and…

…don’t ever take Mexicans for granted again.

Source: wearelatinlive.com

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