Contracts extended to Sinaloan workers in the US and Canada


There are almost 400 workers from Sinaloa who are working in the United States and Canada through the National Employment Service, and given the situation of COVID-19, their return is not contemplated but will continue abroad, Arturo Torres reported. Sato.

The Director of the National Employment Service in Sinaloa indicated that there were two cases that returned to Sinaloa and had voluntary isolation, but none presented symptoms.

The return is generally in late May and early June on the issue of harvests, but contracts were extended from 3 to 6 months on the issue of contingency.

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“Through communication, we have had, they are still going to continue working there for a few months because their employment contracts are still in force. We have registered 389 cases that are in the United States and Canada working and we have a very punctual follow-up with them ”.

Torres Sato said that the people of Sinaloa who work in the United States and Canada are mainly in the fields and in the automotive manufacturing sector.


The Mazatlan Post