Multiple kidnappings reported in Culiacan, Sinaloa


Gerardo Mérida Sánchez, head of the SSP of Culiacán, reported that they received four emergency calls to the C4 system and that security personnel are already investigating the report of three ‘allegedly kidnapped’ families.

“In total there are 15 people, this is the preliminary information we have registered in 911,” he reported.

Deputy Prosecutor Damaso Castro Saavedra contradicted the head of the SSP about the number of reports to 911, which he said were actually six in different neighborhoods of Culiacán.

Preliminary information indicates that the kidnappings began at 4 in the morning in the communities of La Noria, El Carrizalejo and in the Villa Bonita, Belcantto, Los Ángeles and El Palmito neighborhoods.

The kidnappings continued until approximately 9 in the morning on Friday, March 22.

The people deprived of their liberty are “Mexican middle class socioeconomic level” (not wealthy people), and the reasons for the kidnappings or whether there is a relationship between the families are unknown.

The alleged members of organized crime forcibly entered the different homes, used violence and took the families away in vehicles.

Dozens of kidnapped people reported in Culiacán

Unofficial and citizen testimonies to the media contradict the authorities’ version of the number of people kidnapped.

The testimonies point to 39 or 40 abducted people (8 different families).

The media outlet Los Noticieristas de Sinaloa reported the kidnapping of a family of six in the Plan de Oriente ejido and another of seven “uplifted” people, including three children aged 6, 11 and 12 in the Los Ángeles subdivision.

Neighbors of La Noria said that armed men entered three homes and took away the families, 16 people in total.

The Sinaloa authorities have not confirmed these reports. They also indicated that there is no knowledge of a possible relationship between the kidnappings and the confrontation in Badiraguato in which three people were burned and two others beheaded.

Elements of the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) and the National Guard joined the operations of local authorities to address the cases and locate the kidnapped families in Culiacán.

Agents from the Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in the Disappearance of Persons are in the neighborhoods where the reports originated to confirm the cases and the number of kidnapped people.

Source.- Los Noticierista

The Mazatlan Post