U.S. Tourist Visits Tampico and Shares Her ‘Unique’ Opinion on ‘Tortas de la Barda’


Do you remember the first time you tried a ‘torta de la barda’? Well, a U.S. tourist recorded the moment she took her first bite of this Tampico delicacy, and this was her reaction.

On her TikTok account, user @lifeofcharissae, who is in the area to attend the wedding of a couple of her boyfriend’s friends, captured this moment at one of the most traditional places in the port’s market area.

According to the U.S. content creator, her in-laws told her she couldn’t leave the port city without trying a ‘torta de la barda,’ as it is the city’s emblematic dish.

But before the meal, they took her for a walk through downtown Tampico, where they showed her the iconic Corona brewery sign over Aduana Street.

They then reached Plaza de la Libertad, whose curved shapes of the Luz buildings and the Hotel Sevilla, as her in-laws told her, form “the buttocks of Tampico.”

The U.S. Tourist’s Reaction to the ‘Torta de la Barda’

They also arrived at Plaza Hijas de Tampico, right next to the sandwich stands where vendors were loudly calling out to them to eat at their respective places. “They shouted louder as we got closer,” she says.

Then came the big moment: “I took my first bite, and it was challenging because of all the ingredients it has, but it has a great flavor, I really enjoyed it. And although it’s very large, I couldn’t stop eating.”

The young woman indicates that among all the ingredients, the pork rind sauce was what she liked most about this dish. “It’s amazing, it’s so good and so spicy, I’m usually good with spicy food, but this time I had to have a soda,” she recounts.

“If I had to rate it, I would give it an 8.5 out of 10, and I would really like to eat it again, I would just remove the ham,” she affirmed.

“What a combination of cheese, black beans, French bread, meats, and pork rind sauce, would you try it?” concluded the U.S. tourist reacting to her first ‘torta de la barda.’


Final rating (for me): 8.5/10!! I really liked it and would eat it again, just remove the ham. The combination of quesos, black beans, french bread, meats, AND salsa de chicharron was 🤤😋 Torta de la Barda for the win! Would y’all try it? #mexico #tampico #tampicotamaulipas #tortadelabarda #travel #mexicotiktok

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Source: El Sol de Tampico