An entire family (including a baby and a 2-year-old girl) is reported kidnapped in Mazatlan


Massive kidnappings were reported across the state of Sinaloa, and Mazatlán was no exception.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (March 22, 2024).- The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) in the southern zone received the report of the illegal deprivation of liberty (kidnapping) of a family in a home in the Mazatlán 1 neighborhood.

According to the report, there was a 911 call at approximately 3:30 a.m. on Friday, March 22, statng that an entire family, who lived at the address on Gaviotas Street, in the aforementioned neighborhood, was taken out of the property and abducted.

The anonymous caller said there were three women, one man, a 6-year-old girl, a 2-year-old girl and a 6-month-old baby in the house, and they were all taken away.

According to the anonymous call to 911, the whole family was taken from the home to an unknown destination in the middle of the night, by a group of men carrying assualt rifles, who left the house’s windows broken.

Agents from the State Attorney General’s Office in the southern zone arrived at the scene to carry out the corresponding investigations into the forced disappearance of these citizens, the investigations are already ongoing to try to find the whereabouts of the missing people.

Source.- Los Noticieristas

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