Are Americans being deported from Mexico under a new policy by President Lopez Obrador?


The following publication was made by Retired Life in Mexico NO BULL on their YouTube channel, check it out…

It was brought to my attention that word has been circulating that the current Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador will begin a program to deport US Citizens.

We investigated these claims and made a video of our findings.

Deporting Americans from Mexico? Unpacking President Lopez Obrador’s New Policy! Is it true?

Join us as we dive into the growing concerns and rumors surrounding the deportation of Americans in Mexico. Recently, a viewer’s comment sparked a deep dive into whether the Regularization program for expired FMM holders might be ending, and what this could mean for Americans living or traveling in Mexico.

With many expats concerned about the possible changes to the automatic 180-day FMM, we’re here to analyze the facts, debunk myths, and uncover the truth behind these immigration policies.

Watch now to get the full scoop and stay informed on your rights and future in Mexico!

Source: Retired Life in Mexico NO BULL

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