Cleaning day: MazConCiencia makes bad habits on the beaches visible


MazConCiencia carries out a cleaning day at the Lighthouse Breakwater where approximately 30 black bags were used due to the large amount of garbage that was collected

MAZATLAN.- This weekend, the MazConCiencia team carried out another day of cleaning at the Lighthouse breakwater, where they managed to recover solid waste. This activity is a fundamental part of the environmental rescue actions promoted by the Civil Association in Mazatlán.

Sofía Trejo Lemus, leader and founder of MazConCiencia, highlighted the importance of raising awareness about environmental problems in the area. Her focus is not simply to clean, but also to make visible the existing problems in all places.

During this activity, mainly used materials were collected, such as packaging and containers, filling around 30 black bags. In addition, construction materials, refrigeration and remains of abandoned furniture were collected.

The location of the cleaning was chosen strategically, since it is one of the favorite places for young people for their parties, but unfortunately, they also use it as a garbage dump. Libita Gavica emphasized the importance of having fun responsibly and raising environmental awareness.

On Sunday morning, about 50 people, including ITMAZ volunteers, responded to the Association’s call through social networks to participate in the cleanup.

“Always our most valuable collaborator ITMAZ does not provide many volunteers, today (Sunday) 30 young people came, plus the rest of the volunteers who follow us on social networks to carry out this cleanup,” she explained.

The councilor María Esther Juárez Nelson, the biologist and diver of the Great Mazatlán Aquarium, Ignacio Zataráin, and the current Mexican Universal Sinaloa, Libia Gavica, led this cleaning day. The winners of the Literary Calaveritas contest with the theme of water, organized by MazConCiencia in October to raise awareness about its care and conservation, also joined.

Source: Punto