Development doesn’t stop! These are the plazas and hotels under construction in Los Mochis


The Secretary of Economy of the municipality of Ahome announced that private investment in these 6 projects is more than 919 million pesos

In the city of Los Mochis there are several shopping plazas where its inhabitants and visitors can enjoy shopping and entertainment. The best known are Plaza Paseo, Fiesta Las Palmas, Punto, Sendero, Encuentro, but there are others under construction and some already ready, which will undoubtedly further enrich the offer in the commercial and service sector, there are also some hotels in process and others finished with some places.

Héctor Ibarra, Secretary of Economy of the municipality of Ahome, announced that private investment in these 6 projects is more than 919 million pesos, and more than 110 jobs will be generated.

These are the plazas and hotels that are being built in Los Mochis, some of these works are already finished.

1. Ciudad Millennial.

The project will have an investment of 651 million pesos, and includes the construction of a 3-level hospital and 45 offices, a hotel plaza with 12 commercial premises and 42 rooms, as well as housing development with 31 condominium units. The project is located on the Mochis-Ahome highway and Doctor Óscar Aguilar Pereira boulevard, in the Nuevo Horizonte subdivision.

The opening date for the housing development is January 2024, the hotel plaza in February 2025, and the hospital with its offices in January 2026.

2. Holiday Inn Hotel.

Work for the construction of a Holiday Inn Express hotel is being carried out on Antonio Rosales Boulevard #1300 south, Colonia 12 de Octubre. It will have 148 rooms, a restaurant, an event hall and commercial premises. Its inauguration is projected for December 2024.

3. Alcázar Business Park.

It consists of the development of a plaza that will have 27 locations for executive offices and cafes. It will have 120 parking spaces. The construction is carried out along Canuto Ibarra Boulevard, one block from the private Alcázar del Country.

The opening date is unknown, but work is already advanced.

4. Country Place.

It is a two-level shopping plaza with a hotel. It is located on Canuto Ibarra Boulevard and Ingenio Mochis Street. The plaza named Country Place Hotel & Shops is already finished. There is no opening date.

5. Shopping plaza in Scally neighborhood.

This shopping plaza covers an area of 787 square meters with 14 stores, and on the ground floor it has parking for 9 vehicles. Its location is in Río Sinaloa #208 north, Scally neighborhood. Its inauguration will be in June 2024.

6. Plaza Morelos 850.

It is a development of a 2-story shopping plaza with 50 stores and parking spaces. Its location is in Morelos 850 Oriente, in the Tabachines neighborhood. It was inaugurated at the end of September 2023.

Source: Debate