The Mazatlán-Culiacán needs a restoration, not just patches, says Ángeles Verdes


MAZATLAN. – The Mazatlán-Culiacán highway is in poor condition and is even impassable, which urgently needs restoration, not a patching program, reported José Ricardo Picos Quintero, in charge of the Ángeles Verdes Services Headquarters.

He mentioned that the alternative they recommend to tourists is the open road, since many sections of the highway have holes up to 1 meter deep that become a danger for motorists.

“It is 20 to 25 percent repaired, we must be very careful in this section: Unfortunately it was destroyed by the rains, overflows that are causing damage to motorists, not in one tire but in all of them.”

Picos Quintero pointed out that it was larger than usual, since the highway already had neglected and damaged sections, something that worries him due to the arrival of foreign tourists with their mobile homes and the passage of civilians.

“They are starting to come in, they don’t have much that they are showing up, one RV a week. We know that in Mazatlán they arrive until next year, but they begin to process to Guadalajara, Tepic, but they pass through here, we expect caravans from January to March,” he said.

The suggestion, he expressed, for motorists is to drive on the free road that is 80 to 85 percent repaired, meaning it has optimal conditions to be used.

He added that, although this implies an increase in the activity of the Green Angels, the recommendation is made to avoid driving and major accidents from happening.

Source: Punto