The living celebrate the dead with a contest of altars and catrinas


Tonight the Day of the Dead Festival took place on the esplanade of the Plazuela República

MAZATLAN. – Incense, marigold flowers and papel picado decorated the altar competition for the dead organized by the Municipal Government on the esplanade of Plazuela República to celebrate our great Mexican tradition, the Day of the Dead. On this occasion, the event paid tribute to the plastic artist Antonio López Sáenz.

Different groups of people presented altars dedicated to historical figures, ancestors and close relatives who came forward: from Selena Quintanilla, Lola Beltrán, Pedro Linares and Pedro Infante, to local figures like “El Buto”. All of them were remembered and honored in this celebration.

The evaluation criteria included the design, the offering, the levels of the altar and its color. In addition, elements such as originality, presentation and narration of the altar were evaluated before the jury. First place received a prize of 15 thousand pesos, second place 10 thousand pesos and third place 5 thousand pesos. Altar number 13 in honor of Pedro Infante took first place.}

To further enrich the festivity, a catrina contest was held, in which 24 participants paraded showing their makeup, costumes and originality. The prizes for this contest were 5 thousand pesos for first place, 3 thousand for second and 3 thousand pesos for third place. Catrina number 6, Reina Castro Martínez, took first place.

Of course, there was no shortage of artistic presentations that included songs like “La Llorona” and choreographies by the folkloric ballet of the Institute of Culture and various dance academies of Mazatlán.

The jury, made up of teacher Angela Mar Camacho and Henry Wilson, was in charge of grading and giving the final verdict.

Source: Punto