Five horse race attendees shot to death in Querétaro


The attack on those attending the horse race occurred in the “El Alacrán” horse lane or track, located in the town of Santa María Begoña, El Marqués, Querétaro

The Marquis, Qro. Five dead and five seriously injured is the preliminary toll of a shooting that occurred this Sunday afternoon, reported the Secretariat of Public Security and Municipal Traffic (SSPyTM) of the city council of El Marqués, state of Querétaro, during a horse race.

The causes of the attack are unknown. However, the SSPyTM reported that according to the telephone report received at the 911 emergency number, the death of the five people was due to a fight motivated by gambling.

There is another unofficial version that indicates that it was a direct attack against the now deceased perpetrated by individuals who entered the lane and shot at them several times.

However, it will be the Querétaro Attorney General’s Office that will clarify what happened based on the evidentiary elements.

The alleged perpetrators of the crime left the scene in a Toyota Highlander truck, with license plates from the state of Querétaro.

The vehicle was found abandoned minutes later with the doors open on Juan Escutia Street, in Santa María Begoña.

The attendees who managed to escape the shooting unharmed were the ones who reported what had happened to the police at the 911 emergency number.

Source: La Jornada