The Mezcal Cultural Center, the largest mezcal archive in the world, opens in Oaxaca


It has already opened its doors! The Mezcal Cultural Center has the largest collection of the spirit in the world, a museum and, of course, tastings.

Mezcal advances as one of the favorite distillates of Mexico and the world! For this reason, there are more and more initiatives that seek to spread the culture around this drink, its complex production processes and, of course, how to taste it for greater enjoyment. In that spirit, on October 10, the Mezcal Cultural Center was inaugurated in Oaxaca, the museum that brings together the largest collection of mezcal in the world.

With more than 300 labels, including mezcals from large houses and small producers in Oaxaca, the Mezcal Cultural Center becomes the largest archive in the world focused on this distillate. Its facilities have a museum area where you can learn everything about the mezcal production process, its styles, the types of agave used and the mezcal-growing regions of Oaxaca.

The Mezcal Cultural Center is housed in a building full of tradition in the Historic Center of the City of Oaxaca, the old El Gallo hardware store, so inside you can find a harmonious mix of contemporary and antique furniture. The rescue of the property was carried out by Itzel Paniagua, winner of Master Chef, and her partners, who, with the help of architect Alonso de la Fuente, renovated the interior in record time, inspired by the strength of the maguey in the region.

Inside the complex you will find five free exhibition rooms where you will learn everything about mezcal.

To make the experience even richer, there is the possibility of taking the tour accompanied by a good mezcal. For 290 pesos you can purchase your mezcal passport and visit the modality in tasting mode. In each of the rooms you will be provided with a different style of distillate and its characteristics will be explained to you, so you will be able to witness the uniqueness of each mezcal.

Although it is a museum, the Mezcal Cultural Center is totally recreational and has beautiful infographics, screens and an exhibition of authentic objects used for the production of mezcal. Likewise, if you fall in love with any of the mezcals, you can purchase it in the store area. There is something for all budgets, from 300 to 25 thousand pesos.

The cultural splendor of Oaxaca!

In the store you will also find some crafts originating from Oaxaca, such as utensils produced by Taller Ruiz López by the master of clay art, Rufina Ruiz López; embroidery or garments that pay homage to mezcal.

The fun doesn’t end there, since if you want to learn more about the ways you can taste mezcal, on the grounds of the Mezcal Cultural Center you will find the El Gallo bar. The mixology is in charge of Pepe Martínez, who developed a menu inspired by each of the regions of Oaxaca. You can pair your cocktails with canapé-style dishes and breakfasts, created by chef Rodrigo Pacheco, who sought to take up street food and give it his own flavor. By March 2024, El Gallo will open its own restaurant so your visit to this space can also become a gastronomic experience.

The Mezcal Cultural Center promises to become the most important space for the dissemination of mezcal worldwide and regionally. Thanks to its collection, little-known productions will be made visible and promoted and those that have generated a captive audience will be strengthened. Likewise, the legacy of this proudly Mexican drink will be promoted.

Address of the Mezcal Cultural Center

Av. Miguel Hidalgo 912, Historic Center of Oaxaca, Oaxaca.


  9 am to 10.30 pm Monday to Sunday.

Source: Mexico Desconocido