They take the streets to demand justice for Maylene, a woman murdered in her home in Mazatlán


Relatives, friends and colleagues of the 38-year-old woman, found dead on the night of October 16, demonstrated on Munich Avenue and Libramiento Colosio to ask for justice and that her murder not go unpunished.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. Family, friends and co-workers united in one voice in their demand for justice and that the murder of Maylene, a woman who was murdered inside her house located in the Pradera Dorada 6 subdivision, in Mazatlán, not go unpunished.

Protected by a group of municipal police officers under the command of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez, they first blocked a lane of the Colosio Bypass and, in order not to expose themselves, they moved to Múnich or Juan Pablo Segundo Avenue from where they asked for justice for Maylene.

It was the night of October 16 when, upon opening her house, her husband discovered the 38-year-old woman violently dead in her bed.

In the demonstration, dozens of people and her family in front of her demanded before the media that justice be done to her, and the clarification of her murder. It was her daughter who exclaimed with tears in her eyes, that the authorities can do something, because they no longer want any women murdered, a cry that was supported by dozens of voices that asked “not one more, not one more, not one more…” .

She indicated that her mother was a calm woman and she did not have to die like that.

Her husband Juan Manuel Ruiz Acosta trusted that the authorities in charge of justice will clarify the case and find those allegedly responsible for her death, because the situation is getting worse and worse since people cannot be comfortable or in peace in their house.

He considered that Maylene was an innocent woman, who did not mess with anyone and was a responsible person and stated that he does not suspect anyone.

“The Prosecutor’s Office is doing its job, perhaps, the police officers here are doing their job, perhaps protecting us, helping us, but the problem is not that, tomorrow it will be another and that is how it will be in all the cities, the government must take responsibility and pay more attention to what is happening, the police, I understand, are doing what they can, the Prosecutor’s Office is doing what it can but more is needed, it is not enough,” he stated for Línea Directa.

He assured that the Prosecutor’s Office is doing a good job, so he trusted that they are doing their job, but even so, he considered that greater speed is needed.

He confirmed that he went to the Deputy Prosecutor’s Office where he appeared to report the scene that he saw when opening the door of his house, and the staff of the Deputy Prosecutor’s Office promised to continue working to find the alleged perpetrator(s).

Maylene leaves behind a daughter and a young grandson.

For his part, the municipal Secretary of Public Security, Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez, considered that the demonstration is a right of all the people who are participating, and that they expressed to them that they are present to protect them and protect the people who circulate around the place.

He said that the Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out the corresponding investigations and the police, for their part, are reinforcing tours of all areas and are collaborating directly with the investigation.

The police chief assured that the Pradera Dorada subdivision has a lot of security, where it is a place that has security and there is a lot of contact with the residents of the different sections of this subdivision to work more closely with them, promoting self-care and reporting.

Source: Linea Directa