They capture a gang of alleged assailants operating on the San Miguel de Allende to Dolores Hidalgo highway


San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.- Municipal police arrested 4 men who would be related to a gang of robbers that operates on the San Miguel de Allende to Dolores Hidalgo highway.

It was through the activation of one of the highway arches that the Video Surveillance System of the C4 Operations Center detected coincident characteristics in a vehicle with reports of illegal actions, which was circulating on the highway to Celaya, for which it issued an alert to the Security forces.

Elements of the Municipal Police received the report that several suspicious men were in said vehicle, so they activated action protocols to follow up on their route.

This same car coincided with the characteristics of armed men who commit violent vehicle theft on the Dolores Hidalgo – San Miguel de Allende highway, even participating in a recent incident where, when stealing another unit, they even took the owner’s dog, who was inside the cabin.

With this background and throughout the entire time, the municipal video cameras followed the car during its march through the Manuel Zavala bypass; It was at the height of the Las Alamedas subdivision that a patrol stopped him completely.

Once the car was stopped, a control check was carried out on the people and the vehicle; As a result, police officers found a 9 mm firearm, so the four crew members were detained.

Once secured, SSC personnel confirmed that none of the alleged culprits carried official identification, however, they identified themselves as Juan Ricardo “N”, who has 2 administrative records, in addition to Ricardo Giovany “N”, José Ángel “N”. ” and José de Jesús “N”.

Due to their reluctant behavior, it is estimated that they could have changed their names due to the possible accumulation of administrative offenses, however, they were all placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office D, for their probable participation in the theft of the vehicle in which they were traveling, as well as for carrying a firearm and for probable false information. Source: Periodico Correo