Cruise ships will arrive in Zihuatanejo in November and December


In the first days of November, the arrival of a cruise ship to the bay of Zihuatanejo is expected. The Director of Tourism, Jesús Gallegos Galván, announced that they have additional confirmations scheduled for the month of December.

Gallegos Galván expressed his enthusiasm for the notable economic contribution that these temporary visitors provide to the destination, further noting that a significant percentage of them return to enjoy longer stays in the following months.

The cruise season for the Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo beach combination promises to exceed the figures of the previous season. The municipal government is in the process of finalizing negotiations with shipping companies to ensure the presence of additional ships in early 2024, especially during the months of January and February.

Regarding the cruise scheduled for November, preparations are underway to welcome visitors, and more details about the upcoming arrival are expected to be revealed soon.

The community of Zihuatanejo eagerly awaits the blossoming of the cruise season, which not only benefits the local economy, but also promotes the attraction of tourists seeking to enjoy the beauty and cultural diversity of the destination.

Source: Meganoticias