The WTC will boost Mazatlán and the northwest of Mexico: MI Juan José Arellano Hernández


In an interview with El Financiero, the president of the Board of Directors of Grupo ARHE indicated that they are in the stage of raising capital and searching for more investors.

MAZATLAN.- Without a doubt, the World Trade Center Vertical City will boost not only Mazatlán but the entire northwest area of the country, achieving value in the community, said MI Juan José Arellano Hernández, president of the Board of Directors of Grupo ARHE.

In an interview with El Financiero, he explained that the budget for the development of the project is approximately 240 million dollars and that they are currently in the stage of raising capital and searching for more local investors.

Arellano Hernández participated in the WTCA Members Meeting in NYC, accompanied by the director of Grupo Inmobiliario AHRE, GIA, Álvaro Gutiérrez Pérez; and WTC Mazatlán project manager, Astrid Macías.

During the meeting, Robin Van Puyenboreck, executive director of WTCA and Arellano Hernández, president of the Board of Directors of Grupo ARHE, signed an agreement for Grupo ARHE to begin raising capital for the WTC Vertical City.

“We are signing the authorization from the World Trade Center, we are going to start raising local capital, there in the state, through an investment promotion company that will be called World Trade Center Mazatlán Vertical City and we are looking for investment funds. There are also quite a few interested in this precisely because of nearshoring,” he declared.

Arellano Hernández pointed out that there is a bank of Asian origin interested in the project and in investing in Mexico, which, without a doubt, will attract other markets for the growth of the area, placing Mazatlán on the map of other sectors, beyond tourism and real estate.

“Management obviously makes it a lot easier for you when you bring a brand and a franchise that also seeks to generate value for the community. The boost that this franchise gives us is important, the support it has been giving us, with the accompaniment.”

They are impressed, he said, that they take seriously the issue of Mazatlán and the comparison with Miami… the destination provides an investment portfolio as a result of all this that is taking place regarding global relocation.

The first stone, he added, will be placed in November 2024, with a construction estimate of around five to six years, hoping to finish the WTC before 2030 in its four stages and seek to continue with the World Trade Center brand towards another city in the center or north of Sinaloa.

The businessman explained that the project consists of three residential towers, one corporate and one for medical services, which gives a total of five towers, plus a shopping center that will house the different brands that have already expressed interest in reaching Mazatlán and the northwest of the country.

He considered that Sinaloa, at this time, is playing an important role in foreign investment, which, without a doubt, in addition to being done through the Private Initiative, has also been achieved with the support of state and municipal authorities, who are part of new practices in urban planning and new trends in coexistence in a city, for the benefit of all.

Source: Punto