Mexico-Querétaro Highway: Protesters withdraw… but kilometer-long lines continue


The protesters who gathered on the Mexico-Querétaro Highway ask for the appearance alive of a young man who was detained by Edomex authorities.

Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) reported on the afternoon of this Monday, October 16, that long lines continue on the Mexico-Querétaro highway, despite the fact that the protesters have already withdrawn from the area they were obstructing.

Through his Twitter account, Capufe detailed that at kilometer 35, heading towards Mexico City, the protesters withdrew. However, “approximately 7 km of queues are recorded in the area“.

This morning, a group of approximately 30 people blocked the center lanes of the Mexico-Querétaro Highway, near Koblenz, in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, which caused a kilometer-long traffic congestion in the direction of Mexico City.

The protesters, who identified themselves as inhabitants of the municipality of Coyotepec, demanded the appearance of a young man who was detained a few days ago by ministerial agents of the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico, and so far they do not know his whereabouts.

With banners where you can read: “My son is innocent. We love you Boti, we love you,” they demanded the presence of officials from the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office to inform them about the accusations against his relative.

Alma María, ‘Boti’s’ mother, reported that last Tuesday they arrested her son allegedly because he was carrying a copy of a license plate in his vehicle, and that the agents told him that in 48 hours he was going to leave because it was not a Serious felony.

“He never left the Public Ministry of Cuautitlán Izcalli,” stated the lady, who explained that hours later the ministerial authorities told her that they had detained him again for the crime of bribery, but they did not tell us where he was.

“We were looking for him and we found out that he was at the Public Ministry at Ecatepec, where they told us that they had arrested him at his home. At that moment I was able to see him, and he told me that since they arrested him on Tuesday they had not let him out,” she stated.

However, ‘Boti’s mother pointed out that yesterday they told her again that her son had already been released and that he was not in the Ecatepec Public Ministry facilities, “but we do not know his whereabouts, I have never seen him outside.”, she lament.

Through social networks, drivers and users of public transportation regretted that every week this important road that goes to Mexico City and surrounding municipalities is blocked.

“I’m already late, again,” “go and complain to the Prosecutor’s Office, it’s not our fault,” are part of the messages that can be read from desperate people who were trapped in traffic congestion.

Alternative routes can be circulated on the side lanes of the highway; However, due to the vehicle load they are insufficient, and along Jiménez Cantú, El Emisor avenues, and the Cuautitlán-Tlalnepantla or Cuautitlán-Teoloyucan highway.

Source: El Financiero