Central Park, beach access and Dr. Vagón, this is why the mayor traveled to CDMX


Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin will hold a work agenda in favor of Mazatlán in Mexico City

MAZATLAN. – The Central Park, beach access and Doctor Vagón will be the main issues that Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin will manage during his visit to Mexico City.

In an interview, the municipal president indicated that, during his visit to the “big city”, he will address issues of great relevance to the port.

The first of them refers to the accesses to the beaches, in which Semarnat has already given permits for the remodeling of 3 of the 11 accesses, but Román Hernández, the coordinator of Semarnat Delegations at the national level, will be sought to grant permits for the rest.

“I will see the delegation coordinator, teacher Román, to discuss the following access (permissions) and for other issues, because we want to implement a new scheme.”

Also scheduled on his agenda is a meeting with the Grupo México Foundation, a business foundation with experience in implementing innovative projects in favor of communities in vulnerable situations.

The foundation manages the health program called Doctor Vagón, and the mayor stressed his interest in Mazatlán being included in the program route, so that low-income people can receive quality medical care.

“We will see issues related to the environment, and incidentally, the issue of Doctor Vagón, since Mazatlán is not contemplated, but we want to see if they include it by the end of this year or the beginning of next year,” he said.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Grupo México Foundation, the donation of vegetation will be sought for the Mazatlán Central Park project, previously known as the City Forest.

Source: Punto