In 2024, the MLC comes with everything to come to life as a logistics park


Víctor Humarán Castellanos, MLC Sales Manager, reported that the construction of the overpass over the highway will begin this week along with significant progress inside the park.

The Mazatlan Logistic Center, MLC, will have important advances in infrastructure in 2024, coming to life to attract new investments and further consolidate within Mexico’s logistics sector.

The Sales Manager of MLC, Víctor Humarán Castellanos, mentioned that among their progress is the construction of roads and urbanization inside the logistics park, as well as the side street on the highway and the issue of electricity, the drinking water system, the diversion of wells to the cistern and drainage.

“We have three priorities set, one is the main avenue that will go to the Strategic Controlled Precinct; Another is what will give us the first apples, the first lots that are at the entrance, we have to deliver them this end of the year; and the third priority is where the SME lots are, they are warehouses that will begin to be built next year.

Humarán Castellanos pointed out that, in addition, they will have the commitment to deliver or facilitate entry to lot owners to prepare the ground for the construction of warehouses, in such a way that in 2024 the logistics park will take a new form.

The Sales Manager of the MLC, a company of Grupo Inmobiliario ARHE, GIA Desarrollos, assured that this week they will begin the construction of the bridge. or overpass over the highway, which will function for easy access and exit from the logistics park, as well as a return for those traveling on the Mazatlán-Culiacán.

“This week we started with the construction of the bridge, we began the movements and the outlines of what we will do on the side where the columns are, first where MLC is, second on the other side, and, finally, we will address the issue of the highway to not stop traffic, but we are officially starting operations,” he commented.

The MLC participates in the National Real Estate Congress AMPI 2023 where they seek alliances with other developers and that confirm the growth of Mazatlán, not only in the area of housing and condominiums, but also in the industrial area, something extra that could work to invest more forward.

Humarán Castellanos added that participating in conferences like this one, which brings together developers and advisors from different parts of the country, gives them the exposure and vision of where they seek to grow and the future plans that can be carried out in an area that is growing exponentially.

Source: Punto