Stelarhe is in a timely manner, and provides certainty to investors


The construction of the condominium tower could reach levels 20 and 25 by the end of this year in its metal structure, says Stelarhe sales manager, Alfredo Reynaga Chicuate

MAZATLAN.- The Stelarhe residential complex, a project of Grupo Inmobiiario ARHE, GIA Desarrollos, is on time and in its construction, guaranteeing firm certainty for its investors, reported the Sales Manager of Stelarhe, Alfredo Reynaga Chicuate.

He mentioned that each investor has the opportunity to visit the showroom and learn about the progress of the work, and estimates that, by December, the metal infrastructure could reach levels 20 or 25 of the vertical tower.

“It is one of the towers with the highest elevation right now in its construction stage. We are on time and in good shape, we hope that by December the structure can be raised further and we can already exceed the levels of 20 and 25.”

He pointed out that the investor can confirm, with confidence, that the progress of the work maintains high expectations and that they will soon be able to see the completion of a luxury residential complex, which will increase the capital gain in Mazatlán.

“The important thing is the certainty of the investors when they see the progress of the work, without a doubt, when we are on the 15th level of the condominium, plus the three parking spaces, it gives us the certainty and confidence to continue investing,” he said.

Stelarhe is one of the most innovative and exclusive residential complexes in Mazatlán and in the northwest of Mexico, with a total area of just over 47 thousand square meters, 202 units strategically distributed over its 30 levels. Likewise, the development offers 13 housing models from one bedroom to one and a half bathrooms.

For the general manager of Stelarhe, participations within spaces such as the National Real Estate Congress AMPI 2023 function as a broker with different states and make it possible to publicize what a condominium like Stelarhe offers, but also everything that GIA Desarrollos is doing in Mazatlán.

“These alliances will help us boost sales to move these condominiums that we have facing the sea into a spectacular tower that has created a lot of expectations in Mazatlán, especially because of the architecture of the tower and that will be surrounded by LED lighting that You will be able to see the tower from afar, from Mármol you will be able to identify it or if you come from the airport as well,” he said.

He added that this congress, based in Mazatlán from October 11 to 13, is the maximum national celebration of the real estate sector, where strategic alliances are achieved to grow.

Source: Punto