Swells from Storm Max took away tables, chairs and umbrellas, lament waiters in Playa Linda, Zihuatanejo


The president of the Playa Linda Waiters Association, Armando Alvear Urrea, announced that the owners of 28 enramadas in that spa were affected by the storm surge produced by tropical storm Max. He said that in some of those businesses, the sea waves entered “the kitchen and dragged furniture, the sea took away chairs, tables, umbrellas.”

Yesterday, Thursday, four days after the storm made landfall in the municipality of Petatlán and caused damage to the eight municipalities of the Costa Grande, Alvear Urrea stated that until this day some restaurants and bowers were able to open and serve tourist groups. who came to visit this beach place and although the sea water looked chocolatey, they took the opportunity to go swimming.

He said that during the days that the rain lasted, especially when it was felt most intensely, “we were in a very special chaos because it hit here and there were many losses, many restaurateurs lost their furniture, tables, chairs, umbrellas.

“We have not been able to work because of the storm, because of the bad weather and we are asking right now to see what the three levels can help us with, right now what we urgently need is a pantry.”

As usually happens every time it rains very heavily in this region, the Ixtapa River that flows into the western part of Linda Beach carries tons of organic and inorganic garbage which is removed along the entire strip of sand.

The restaurateurs and branches requested support from the municipal government to remove this waste that was in front of the businesses, which was observed yesterday during a tour of that spa, backhoes and dump trucks from the Zihuatanejo City Council were on the strip of sand lifting everything that the river dragged while the storm lasted.

On the other hand, Storm Max caused the Negro Lagoon, located in hotel zone II of Ixtapa, to overflow.

The lagoon connects with the sea at Linda Beach on the eastern side and on Wednesday of this week, the mouth of that body of water opened and the crocodiles that live there took the opportunity to walk on the strip of sand and swim in the sea, which became an attraction for the few tourists who, despite the storm, visited that spa.

This Thursday, inspectors from the municipal Department of Environment and Natural Resources placed precautionary tape on the sides of the mouth so that people keep a limit and thus avoid any possible aggression from the saurians.

On the west side of this beach, the Ixtapa River flows a few meters from the trailer park facilities managed by the National Tourism Fund (Fonatur); The storm caused the bar to open and yesterday, Thursday, several people, including men, women and children, could be seen fishing near the mouth looking mainly for lagoon shrimp as they are popularly known.

Source: El Sur Acapulco