Hallowine: wine and terror in the vineyards of Querétaro


Hallowine, the place where wine, Halloween and Day of the Dead become an experience

If you are looking for a horror experience and you like wine, Hallowine is an experience that you cannot miss.

If you want to enjoy the traditional Day of the Dead, combined with a little Halloween and, why not, a few glasses of wine, you have to know Hallowine, an event that awaits you in the state of Querétaro. Don’t wait any longer, pack your suitcase and check out what this experience consists of.

Hallowine is an event held by Viñedos La Redonda, a place that is located in Ezequiel Montes, one of the 18 municipalities of the state of Querétaro and which is part of the wine route. Through their social networks they have shared some of the activities they will do during this season while you taste a delicious Mexican wine.

Hallowine is an experience designed for families, couples and even the furry members of the house. That’s right, your pets can also attend. The best thing is that access is completely free. Don’t let the date pass you by; write it down!

When and where will Halloween 2023 take place?

Viñedos La Redonda is located on the road from San Juan del Río to Ezequiel Montes, to be exact at kilometer 33. There you will find the Hallowine headquarters.

As we already mentioned, access is free. However, if you want to purchase a special package for wine tasting or another additional experience, such as picnics, check their website to find out what is included and how much they cost.

Hallowine will be held on October 28 and 29; Entry to this spooky experience begins at 10 a.m. and will end at 7 p.m. So, prepare your best costume and enjoy a great visit to one of the most emblematic vineyards in Querétaro.

What activities can I find at Halloween 2023?

The horror event that will come to life in one of the best-known vineyards in Querétaro will feature a wide variety of activities, such as chilling and spooky night tours while some legends are told that will leave your hair standing on end. But don’t worry, if you are not one for this type of experience, you can enjoy a glass of wine while you go to the terror tarot to be told about your future.

If your plan is to go as a family, we tell you that the traditional request for a skull will take place, so accompany your little ones on this journey, and don’t forget to wear your best costume because there will also be a contest and the winner will get a surprise gift.

Hallowine 2023 will also have a drinks laboratory, lots of music, surprise shows, a great traditional offering and a rich gastronomic proposal. Are you going to miss it?

Glamping in Halloween

Viñedos La Redonda also offers a glamping experience if you prefer to stay and rest inside the vineyard and enjoy a little more of their wine and the event in general.

On its website (laredonda.com.mx) the package for two people has a price of 6,700 pesos and offers the option of choosing your camping tent, charcoal-grilled cuts of meat, dessert bar, bonfire with chocolates, two coats “ponchos” made by artisans from the Peña de Bernal, a night tour of legends, extreme wine tasting, a special bottle of La Redonda Día de Muertos 2023 wine, two commemorative glasses and breakfast service.

Halloween is a seasonal experience that you can’t miss. What do you prefer, wine or trick?

Source: El Universal