Jalisco Cartel saw it all from Teocaltiche: they knock down monitoring centers


Teocaltiche is not only one of the 125 municipalities of Jalisco that borders the Bajío region of the country, this week it gained special relevance for being one of the points where the Jalisco New Generation Cartel installed clandestine monitoring centers to detect movements of authorities and rival criminals groups.

In the first days of October, security elements from the state of Jalisco, the military and the National Guard located and dismantled properties where, illegally, signals were obtained from security cameras where the entry and exit of official units to the airport were monitored.

On October 2, elements of the Secretariat of National Defense and the Jalisco police carried out an operation on the Teocaltiche-Villa Hidalgo highway, at kilometer 3, where they detected a man with a suspicious appearance and a camouflage uniform, similar to those used by the Army.

The investigations into this person led to the discovery of two homes where two clandestine monitoring centers with screens, computer equipment and antennas were installed.

On October 3, uniformed officers carried out an operation on Constitutionalistas Street in Teocaltiche, where they located another clandestine monitoring center.

At the site, nine television screens, four multi-contact regulators, as well as four radio antennas and documents containing notes on the entry and exit of official units to the municipality were seized.

On October 6, military personnel located another clandestine monitoring center, as well as drugs, vehicles, explosives and homemade devices called “tire punctures”, for which everything found was made available to the public ministry.

According to authorities, these clandestine monitoring centers served cells of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel to monitor both public security personnel, citizens and the possible activities of rival groups.

The Jalisco Cartel disputes with other criminal groups territories within the limits of various entities. It is the second largest group in the country, according to estimates, only behind the Sinaloa Cartel.

In recent months, fights between both groups have intensified in Mexican territory.

Source: Expansion