‘Megacut’ will leave 632 colonies without water


Starting at 00:00 this Tuesday, the outage will begin and will affect areas of Tijuana and Rosarito for a maximum estimated time of 36 hours, reports the Cespt.

Tijuana BC.- A total of 632 neighborhoods in Tijuana and Rosarito will be affected by a “mega cut” in the drinking water supply starting at 00:00 this Tuesday, October 3.

The Tijuana State Public Services Commission (Cespt) reported that this is due to the repair work on a leak that occurred in the Florido-Aguaje Aqueduct, in addition to two valve rehabilitation works.

According to the parastatal wing, this Tuesday, October 3, an emergent closure will be carried out starting at 00:00 hours and ending at 12:00 hours on the same Tuesday.

The planned plan for the works foresees that the system will immediately be opened and the recovery of the service will begin, which, according to what is planned, is estimated to be restored to 100% at 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 4. October.

The commitment is that all families in Tijuana and Playas de Rosarito have the service in a constant and efficient manner”

The Cespt explains in its statement released through its social networks and where you can consult the list of affected colonies.

The Works

The general director of the agency, Víctor Daniel Amador Barragán, indicated that the repair works will be carried out simultaneously on two fronts located along the aqueduct, at kilometer 3+777, the second at kilometer 6+287, in addition of preventive work at kilometer 18+022.

The first leak was located on Hacienda Las Fuentes Boulevard, reported through a statement, where an internal repair with the “Weko Seal” system will be necessary, while the second was located on El Refugio Boulevard, at the height of the Lomas Virreyes colony.

In the latter, the replacement of a stem valve will be carried out, and reinforcement work will also be carried out on Rosas Magallón Boulevard at the Pacific Industrial Park, where the placement of a 3-meter-high pipe for ventilation is required.

The state official anticipated that it will be an intensive day of work to rehabilitate this 54-inch diameter concrete aqueduct in the face of these new leaks, seeking to solve the failures in the infrastructure quickly and guarantee its optimal functioning to avoid major problems in the supply. of water.

He reiterated that these works were not scheduled, however, when the breakdowns were located, the conditions were immediately generated to carry out the repair works, seeking to avoid greater water losses and, above all, the safety of both the installation and the integrity of the inhabitants of the surrounding areas.

According to the list of neighborhoods released by the State Commission of Public Services of Tijuana, there are at least 5 Districts of Tijuana and one more of Playas de Rosarito that will be affected.

In this border city, there are warnings of cuts in the Aldo Esquer District, which includes a total of 170 neighborhoods in the Central Zone, Independencia, Playas de Tijuana and Francisco Zarco.

Two other affected districts are Armando Valenzuela and Florido in the Matamoros area where another 15 neighborhoods will be affected.

In the Paraíso District, which includes the areas of Río, La Mesa, Rubí and Camino Verde, there are another 144 neighborhoods and subdivisions that will see the supply of drinking water suspended.

The last district affected in Tijuana will be Reforma with 159 neighborhoods in the areas between La Mesa, Tecolote/La Gloria, Lomas La Presa, Delicias, Sánchez Taboada and Villas del Prado.

Finally, in Playas de Rosarito, the Rosarito District will be affected with 134 neighborhoods and subdivisions located in the areas of Santa Fe, Tijuana Highway, Rosarito and La Misión-Playas de Rosarito.

Source: El Imparcial