In Mazatlán sexual crimes are more frequent than in the north: Tere Guerra


The state official highlighted that, compared to other municipalities in the entity, in Mazatlán there are complaints about sexual violence against women of legal age.

MAZATLAN. – In the context of the geography of violence in Sinaloa, the authorities have observed that in Mazatlán a type of sexual violence prevails, while in the north of Sinaloa more complaints of family violence are reported, according to Dr. María Teresa Ochoa War.

The state official highlighted that, compared to other municipalities in the entity, where cases related to child labor, human exploitation and human trafficking stand out, in Mazatlán complaints are being filed related to sexual violence directed at women over 18 years of age.

Although she did not provide specific statistics on the number of cases, she noted that the numbers are increasingly alarming and place Mazatlán in second position in terms of sexual abuse violence.

“Here in Mazatlán, there are other types of crimes that have to do with sexual violence. I have realized that there is a difference. Mazatlán is going to have the number two place for sexual abuse violence. However, in Ahome, it is the second place in violence against women in the family environment,” she said.

In this context, the state official stressed the importance of not re-victimizing the families of the victims when addressing the issue of the complaint. In many cases, the lack of reporting is not due to a lack of interest, but rather a lack of knowledge about how to proceed legally.

“It is an issue that we have been working on. In the case of human trafficking, it is accentuated in places with a high flow of people, such as tourist destinations. “We are activating protocols to combat trafficking and also raising awareness among the population to report it,” she said.

Regarding human trafficking, the official reported that to date 17 complaints have been registered during the year. However, in recent years, Sinaloa has accumulated a total of 17,000 complaints, which places the state in seventh place nationally in cases of human trafficking and attacks against women, girls, boys, and adolescents.

Source: Punto