Spanish singer and recording artist Miguel Bosé was robbed inside of his own home in Mexico City last month


The criminals took an employee of Miguel Bosé in the singer’s own truck, but a few blocks away from the crime scene, they dumped him and abandoned the vehicle.

Miguel Bosé is a 67-year-old Spanish pop singer and actor. 

The place where the robbery was committed is supposed to have the most extreme security measures to enter the premises, with video cameras everywhere, in addition, most of the houses have their own surveillance systems.

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To enter the premises you have to go through a booth with surveillance cameras and it is noteworthy that these guards are armed. The security guards are supposed to monitor the facilities 24/7.

And despite all the security measures, a group of 10 heavily armed men entered the subdivision and all the way into the house of singer Miguel Bosé without anyone noticing.

In his social networks, the Mexican journalist Carlos Jiménez explained that the security guards let the singer’s truck out of the subdivision because they saw that one of his employees was in the truck (apparently the driver), however, just a few meters ahead, they let him out of the car leaving him lying on the ground, he explained.

The media reported last night that not even elements of the Banking and Industrial Police (PBI) were able to enter the subdivision where there are apparently 25 private security guards.  

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The assault lasted 2 hours

The singer assured on his social networks that the criminals tied him and his children up with ropes, as well as one of his employees for more than 2 hours.

Bosé posted a statement on his official social networks saying that he got robbed, that it was a group of armed men, in a well-organized criminal operation that stripped the family of millions of pesos in belongings not to mention the SUV in which the men fled the scene.

Miguel Bosé also highlighted the fact that his children were very brave and that fortunately, everybody was unharmed.

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On Monday, August, 21st, in the morning, Miguel Bosé’s truck was located and recovered in the Periodista neighborhood, in the Miguel Hidalgo district, about a 1-hour drive from the singer’s house.

The unit was made available to the Public Ministry of the Miguel Hidalgo 2 Territorial Coordination and the authorities expect the singer to show up to prove ownership of the vehicle.

Both the Secretary of Citizen Security and the CDMX Attorney General’s Office continue with the inquiries to find those responsible for the robbery and determine if there was complicity in the illegal act.

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