Violence in Jalisco: classes are suspended in Tequila and Amatitán after insecurity  


Given the events of violence and the military operations deployed by air and land in the central area of the state of Jalisco, the authorities chose to suspend classes in at least two municipalities. This is in order to safeguard the safety and integrity of the students. 

It was the governments of Tequila and Amatitán that decided to cancel school activities for this Tuesday, September 12. These measures applied in public and private schools at all educational levels, they indicated in a couple of statements. 

The director of Education in Amatitán, Seleni Sánchez Martínez, wrote a letter addressed to the directors of the educational establishments to inform them about the suspension of classes. “Hoping to soon have an official statement from Public Security about the current situation of our municipality and thus be able to resume our daily activities,” she reported. 

For his part, the municipal president of Amatitlán, José Saúl Pérez Ocampo, indicated that these preventive acts were applied due to the operations carried out in Tequila, in towns such as El Salvador, where armed confrontations between armed civilians and federal authorities were even unofficially reported.  

Meanwhile, the Government of Tequila mentioned that classes were suspended in the school buildings located in the northern area of the municipality until further notice. In this way, the student community that attends the basic, upper secondary and higher levels will be able to remain at home without any type of sanctions in their respective schools. 

“We recommend that the communities in this area remain calm and take the necessary measures in the event of any emergency situation,” reads the statement shared by local authorities. 

During the afternoon of Monday, September 11, various operations carried out by Mexican Army personnel were reported in the municipality of Tequila, mainly in the town of El Salvador, where a helicopter even flew over as part of these security actions. 

In videos shared on social networks, the presence of military forces can be observed, which reportedly searched several homes located in the area. Preliminary reports indicated that these were operations to arrest a member of organized crime who was supposedly part of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

However, the authorities have not confirmed the above. 

In one of the recordings, you can see the moment when an Army helicopter descended from the heights, in a field where there were uniformed officers supervising the surroundings. When the aircraft landed, a dozen soldiers dispersed among the streets of the town. 

Despite these operations, no fatalities or injured authorities were reported. According to data from the National Security Commission (CNS), five cases of homicide were reported in Jalisco on September 11, although it was not indicated in which locations they were registered. 

  Source: Infobae