Marquitos “the one with the revenge of cheese” opens TAQUERÍA in Sinaloa Where is it located? 


Marcos Vinicio Verdugo, better known as “Marquitos, the one with the revenge of cheese”, whose story went viral more than 8 years ago, opened his first taqueria this Friday in the state of Sinaloa, and we will tell you where it is located.

Under the name “Marquitos Tacos”, the man who went viral after telling the story of “the revenge of cheese” opened his own taqueria, which is located in his home.

The taqueria is located on Insurgente Avenue in Linda Vista neighborhood in Villa Ángel Flores “La Palma”, in the municipality of Navolato, Sinaloa.

Through a video shared on his Facebook page, Marquitos invited his followers and the general public to visit his new taqueria, in which his wife “La Tesoro” will make tortillas by hand.

“It will feature roast beef tacos with freshly made tortillas, you can’t imagine! Tacos, vampires, quesadillas. Name it! My beautiful Tesoro (his wife) is the one who will make the freshly handmade tortillas.”

The grand opening of the taqueria took place this Friday, September 8 at 6 pm at the house of Marquitos, the one with the cheese’s revenge.

On social networks, the news of the opening of the viral Marquitos’ taqueria caused excitement and his followers did not hesitate to congratulate him and wish him success in the business. People from other parts of Sinaloa and Mexico, such as Nogales, Tijuana, Mexicali, La Paz and Zacatecas, wrote to him that they hope they will soon visit his taqueria.

Source: Debate