Time to cooperate! 300 volunteers join to clean beaches 


To commemorate International Beach Cleanup Day, marked on the calendar for September 17, the Municipal Government and a group of local companies took on the task of cleaning a stretch Mazatlan beach. 

The waste collection actions were carried out from the Playa Norte pier to the Sea Lions Monument, about 2.5 linear kilometers of territory, between two groups that totaled more than 300 people. 

The director of Ecology and Environment, Eunice Murúa Figueroa, highlighted the importance of carrying out this type of actions since the beaches of Mazatlán are one of the most important tourist attractions, in addition to the great wealth of species that inhabit them. 

She invited those who live in Mazatlán to raise awareness about the final destination of waste, above all, to take with them all the garbage they generate when they visit the beaches. 

For his part, the head of the Beach Operator and Administrator, Luis Fernando Ortiz, explained that all types of garbage could be collected, especially microplastic, a type of waste that is very harmful to the ecosystems, both for the birds and the species that live in the sea. 

Collaborators from the companies Industrias Marino, Pinsa, Sugar Foods, Álamo, Terminal Marítima, PMM, Coseco, Asipona, Royal Villas, Mazatlán Airport, Stelarhe, Boca del Mar and volunteers who do not belong to companies or public institutions participated in the cleanup. 

All of them coordinated by the departments of Ecology and Environment, Beach Operator, Municipal Council for the Sustainable Development of Mazatlán and the Municipal Youth Institute. 

  Source: Punto