Violence in Guerrero: Police chief and three agents murdered on the Mexico-Acapulco highway 


CHILPANCINGO, Gro. (apro).- The police chief of Juan R. Escudero and three agents were murdered during an ambush by an armed commando on Tuesday night, confirmed the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE). 

Two other municipal police officers were injured in the attack carried out on the Mexico-Acapulco federal highway, in the vicinity of Tierra Colorada, the municipal seat. 

The Central Regional Prosecutor’s Office reported this morning that it began an investigation against those responsible for the crime of Qualified Homicide by firearm to the detriment of the Director of Public Security, Juan Carlos Vitrago Flores, as well as the municipal police officers Joel Galindo Suastegui, Rafael Alejo Sánchez and Gustavo Alonso Molotla Ramos. The Chief of the local police, who was in charge of the state’s ministerial investigative police, had been in office for two months.  

A police report indicates that around 11 p.m. this Tuesday, armed civilians ambushed a municipal police patrol that after the attack overturned into a five-meter ravine. 

On the same Tuesday, a video attributed to La Federación Guerrerense, an alliance between the criminal groups Los Tlacos, Los Granados, Los Arreola and Los Jaleacos, was circulated, in which they warned of a curfew starting at 10 p.m. in Tierra Colorada. 

They also mentioned that the transporters Marlén Adame and Mariela Lozano were taken to the community of Plan de Lima with deception and that they disappeared there. 

The bodies of the local transportation leaders were found on August 24 inside a van reported as stolen, authorities reported. 

  Source: Proceso