They recover 300 green areas in neighborhoods and communities of San Miguel de Allende 


Through the Directorate of Environment and Sustainability, the environmental policy of President Mauricio Trejo of recovering and reforesting green areas and public spaces for citizens is followed, since these were lost in previous administrations, as a consequence of the privatization of these common areas by former municipal public officials. 

“We continue to serve other areas, the urban area is very important, we know the historical and heritage value it has, but our communities are also important, and they are those to whom we work for,” mentioned the director of Environment and Sustainability, Alejandro Castro.  

During these 24 months of the Administration headed by Mauricio Trejo, more than 300 green areas have already been recovered, among which parks and walkways stand out, added to the reforestation of medians, temple atriums and school playgrounds, in addition to maintenance work in trees found in public streets and neighborhoods. 

One of the large spaces rescued was Olimpo Park, which had been acquired illegally by the last Municipal Administration, but thanks to the work done by this Municipal Government this garden was immediately recovered and attended to, in such a way that it has now become a piece of land, so that the residents of the area can live together healthily and in a dignified space. 

On the other hand, the work carried out in subdivisions stands out, where the Environment and Sustainability Directorate has developed “High Density Urban Forests” in places that had not been attended to in many years; More than 15 of these new projects are expected to be carried out in the following months. 

Castro López highlighted the work carried out by the people of San Miguel and the Municipality, which has given results, because thanks to citizen support, thousands of trees have been planted. 

“It’s cool that people come up to us and ask us for plants, they ask us for trees, for some of their areas, some of their parks,” he said. 

Rescuing the public spaces of the population, the Municipal Administration continues working to give back to the people of San Miguel de Allende what is theirs and thus their quality of life is better every day. 

  Source: El Otro Enfoque