Ready to give the GRITO? Transit warns in time of road closures 


MAZATLAN.- A total of 40 elements of the municipal Transit Subdirectorate will participate in the celebrations of the Day of the GRITO and the traditional Independence parade in Mazatlán, where the closure of several important roads is anticipated. 

The deputy director of Transit in Mazatlán, Juan Sergio Camacho Torres, highlighted that the agents will work in the vicinity of the Municipal Palace due to the closure of the surrounding streets for both events, which they hope will attract around 5 thousand people to the Mexican celebration. 

Camacho Torres recommended that the population use urban buses or some other public transportation, since due to the large influx of people, it will be difficult to find parking. Additionally, with multiple streets closed, traffic will be even more tedious and tiring for many. 

     “From early on, the roads will be closed. In fact, it is scheduled to be from early morning to clear the streets, as tents and sales stalls will be set up,” he highlighted. 

The official explained that the streets that will be closed are in the vicinity of the Municipal Palace, including 21 de Marzo, Aquiles Serdán, José María Canizález, Guillermo Nelson, 5 de Mayo and Ángel Flores. Closing is scheduled for September 15 due to setting up of furniture for vendors. 

On Saturday, September 16, the Independence Parade will take place, starting at 8:00 in the morning and starting from the Fisherman’s Monument, concluding at the Great Sea of Cortés Aquarium. 

During the parade, roads such as Zaragoza, Paseo Claussen and Juan Carrasco will be closed, as well as the avenues that intersect with the Cruz Lizárraga, such as Lola Beltrán and Río Elota. 

It is important to note that during the Grito weekend, traffic saturation is anticipated in various parts of the city due to the celebrations in the Plazuela República, as well as events such as soccer at the Kraken stadium and celebrations in bars and clubs. the Golden and Marine zone in Mazatlán. 

  Source: Punto