CANIRAC Chiapas announces the third Festival of National Dishes 


Tuxtla Gutiérrez.- The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC) in Chiapas has announced its Third Festival of National Dishes, an event that seeks to promote the gastronomic richness of the state during the national month. 

The president of CANIRAC Chiapas, Guillermo Acero Bustamante, revealed in an interview that this festival will take place throughout the entire month of September. During this time, participating restaurants will offer dishes decorated with the national colors of Mexico, such as green, white and red, in celebration of the national festivities. 

The restaurant industry in Chiapas has faced significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, the nearly 22 thousand economic units dedicated to gastronomy in the state continue to be an important generator of employment, providing around 200 thousand jobs. The goal is to recover an additional 5 percent of employment to reach pre-pandemic numbers in 2019. 

The National Dishes Festival is one of the promotional strategies that CANIRAC Chiapas has implemented to boost the local economy and provide citizens with a unique culinary experience. The dishes offered during the festival will include Chiapas specialties such as baked cochito, chanfaina, pozole, pepita with tapas, among others. 

Participating restaurants will also be promoting their menus on vinyl banners to attract diners and make this celebration a success. In addition, a campaign will be carried out on social networks, with information about the dishes and drinks available at the festival. 

Guillermo Acero Bustamante expressed his hope that municipal authorities will not implement the so-called “dry law”, as it could have a negative impact on the economy of restaurants. A conservative increase in sales of at least 15 percent is expected during the festival. 

This event seeks to promote nationalism and the richness of Chiapas gastronomy during the national month, and participating restaurants will dress their staff in uniforms that carry the national colors, highlighting the importance of Mexican identity in local cuisine. 

  Source: El Heraldo de Chiapas