Patriotic colors paint the Historic Center of Querétaro 


The month of September brings color to the main streets of Querétaro, the Historic Center is dressed in green, white and red to celebrate the national holidays of the Independence of Mexico. 

In Mexico, September is known as the patriotic month, since it celebrates the anniversary of the independence of our country. This event is the trigger for endless celebrations where one of the most important aspects is food, not for nothing, Mexican cuisine is considered an intangible cultural heritage of humanity according to UNESCO. 

Many of the most representative dishes of Mexican gastronomy contain ingredients that are closely linked to the traditional roots of the native cultures of Mexico, and that are more widely available in these months, such as chili and corn. 

Pozole, mole, chiles en nogada, corn on the corn, tamales, tacos and snacks such as quesadillas, sopes or gorditas, are some of the protagonists in the national festivities that fill the Mexican tables with color and flavor. 

  Source: AM Queretaro