6 masons disappear in Veracruz, they went to work and never heard from again 


 The State Search Commission reported that the workers were last seen in the municipality of Tres Valles 

Authorities point out that the integrity of the victims is at risk  

“They went out to work like every day and we lost communication with them,” is the only information that family and friends have shared about the disappearance of 6 bricklayers in the municipality of Tres Valles, belonging to the state of Veracruz. The State Search Commission (CBE) has issued the bulletins of Óscar Ramírez Miranda, 18 years old; Ever Yahir de los Santos Morales, 24; Cristian Iván Melchor Anell, 30; José Manuel Martínez Tinoco, 20; Cristóbal Cintura Rufino, 30, and Francisco Javier Tapia Hernández, 24. 

According to information from local media, the six men worked in a construction in Tres Valles and the last time they were seen was on August 26 in that town. Local authorities reported that 5 of the 6 absent people are from the port of Veracruz and one from the municipality of Lerdo de Tejada. 

CBE personnel have stressed in the search files that the physical integrity of this men may be at risk, since they may be victims of the commission of a crime. It said that the workers were specialized in the construction of sidewalks and garnishes. 

Profiles of the missing masons in Veracruz 

     The first is Cristóbal Rufino, 30 years old, he is 1.55 meters tall, his eyes are dark brown, white skin, dark brown and wavy hair. He also has tattoos on both arms and on his back. 

     Francisco Javier is the second to also disappear on August 26. He is 24 years old and is 1.70 meters tall, his eyes are dark brown, his skin is light brown, his hair is straight and short. On his left wrist he has a tattoo. 

     Cristian Iván, also 30 years old, is 1.70 meters tall and has brown eyes, white skin and straight black hair, he has tattoos on both arms and chest. 

     The youngest of the 6 is Óscar Ramírez, 18 years old, 1.68 meters tall, with brown eyes and a light brown complexion. He also has tattoos on his neck, right leg, and left wrist. 

     Ever Yahir was 24 years old when he disappeared. According to the search report, he is 1.70 meters tall, has brown eyes, light brown skin and straight black hair, as well as a scar on his right leg. 

     José Manuel Martínez is 20 years old, has brown eyes, brown complexion, and straight hair. He has thick lips, a big mouth and a flat nose. 

Disappearances in Veracruz 

The figures for Veracruz, according to the National Search Commission (CNB), show that in the state from 1962 to September 2023, there are 7,444 missing and unlocated people. An urgent demand for the next governments, to respond to the searching mothers who walk through dirt roads and vacant lots to locate a track that will lead them to their loved ones. 

On the national scene, the information is as follows: From January 1, 1962 to September 6, 2023, Mexico registers 111,360 missing and missing persons. Any information that helps to locate them, please contact 22-83-19-31-87, of the State Search Commission or the emergency number 911. 

  Source: El Heraldo de Mexico